Monday, December 8, 2008

Awesome Crafty Giveaway spotted...

Would you love to win all of this? I know I would!!!

Confessions of a Craft Addict is hosting this awesome giveaway! This is taken directly from her blog: "There’s a little bit of everything here: fabric, beads, Scrabble tiles, scrapbooking elements, ribbon, tulle, yarn, snaps, buttons, embroidery kits, patterns and books. Everything you need to be a craft addict or feed your existing crafty addiction. A couple of things are from my stash or pre-loved, while some things were purchased new just for you. I think it’s a pretty cool prize and I hope you will, too."

Head on over to her blog and check it out. One of the rules for entry is that you must leave her a comment about your favorite charity. Tell her the name of it, why you support it, what it does, whatever — give them a plug! All the rules are on her site.

I think I should win since my blog is titled {Craft Addict}'s only fair, right? :)

Since we're at it, I'll tell yall about my favorite non-profit. Prestonwood Pregnancy To give you a little background, my oldest son was a crisis pregnancy for me (in the sense that I was a junior in college, not married and hadn't planned on starting my family under these circumstances...nor with the man whose child I was carrying) I was scared to death and found SO much support, love and reassurance from a crisis pregnancy center in my college town. I am forever grateful for the prayers, time and outpouring of support from them. So, when I moved to Dallas after my son was born (to finish school and be closer to family for the support that I needed) I began volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center here. After a year or two, I joined the staff full time and was blessed beyond measure during my time there. The awesome part of this is that God can take our mistakes and make them our message. I truly feel blessed to have been able to look young women in the eyes and tell them I could understand, I had been there...and it will be okay if you let HIM take control. What's really awesome is that most crisis pregnancy centers are not just focused on the life of the unborn child but also the eternal life of the mother and father involved in that pregnancy. The gospel message is almost always shared and you would be amazed at how many men and women come to know the Lord through their time as a client! I am no longer volunteering or working there b/c God has blessed me with an incredible husband (who adopted my son, our son) and we have since welcomed another child into our lives. I have been given the awesome responsibility and blessing of being a stay at home mother...something I NEVER thought possible, nor dreamed of 7 years ago when I found out I was going to be a mother. We still are in close contact with Prestonwood Pregnancy and love to help support them financially when we can. I know when the kids are both back in school, I'll be back up there volunteering again!