Friday, December 5, 2008

A few of my favorite things & a thrifty white elephant gift

Head on over here if you want to join the party or see other lists of favorite things.

Topping my list of favorites right now are the following:

1. Hazelnut Hot Cocoa - Archer Farms (Target brand) has a great mix if you are like me and don't want to fork out tons of $$$ to Starbucks. There are tons of other flavors, but I'm addicted to the hazelnut...topped with a little whipped cream and I'm good to go.

2. Bob's Peppermint Pie - We grew up devouring Bob's Soft Peppermint sticks. My brother and I would always twist and turn them in our mouths as we sucked on them to bring them to a fine point so we could poke each other with them :) Anyways, my mother and I were both watching Paula Deen on the Food Network the morning she aired this recipe. We have both made this multiple times now and it's so yummy...unexpected...but really good. {Come on, it's from Paula Deen, that woman makes awesome stuff!} If you have trouble finding the peppermint sticks, Walmart usually has giant tubs of the soft peppermint "pillow" looking candies. They're individually wrapped, but well worth the effort for this recipe. My other tip is to crush the candies before you put them on the stove top to start melting. Trust me on this, it takes FOREVER if you don't!

3. We have my husband's office party tonight {this is the small departmental party with all the people we know. The big company party is next weekend}. You'll know why I threw that preface in there when you take a look at the picture. I made these for the white elephant gift exchange, per my husbands request. Yup, he asked me to make these... {love him!}

Hehehe...slippers made from maxi pads. I beautified {like that word?} them with some left over fake flowers from my stash and a rhinestone accent. Someone tonight will get to take them home. I just hope they don't need to use them for their original purpose b/c I hot glued them together in case the sticky strips didn't hold up. The funny thing about this gift is that I did make slippers out of maxi pads...when I was 4 and at my dad's new boss' house for dinner. It's one of the family stories that will never die -well, not if my family can help it at least.

4. My list could go on and on and on but I won't bore you to tears... oh wait, maybe I will!

5. My kids! I LOVE watching them take in all the magic of Christmas. Right now, my daughter is sitting in her high chair eating "yo yo's" {cheerios} and playing with a $9.99 plastic snow globe from CVS that plays 11 different music selections. She's captivated by that silly thing and I love watching her face light up each time she pushes that button. My son's prayers reflect that he's really coming to an understanding of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas-as opposed to just repeating things we've said or he's been taught-this is priceless to me!

What are your favorite things right now?