Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too many crafts...not enough time!

I made a promise {same one I seem to make every year} to myself that I was going to make a bunch of the gifts I give this year. I always seem to wait too long to begin {guess 364 days isn't enough time for me to prepare for Christmas} However, I am proud to say that I'm actually making good on my promise this year! I'm making LOTS of handmade goodies and unfortunately, will have to wait to show you most of them for a few weeks. However, here are a few things I was working on last night.

Button Snowman Onesie

This was just a basic red turtleneck onesie that I embellished. I know I've seen a post or two with these along with some pictures on flickr...just can't remember where I found them to give the original person credit. Anyways, I have a bunch of vintage buttons that my great grandmother used to collect, so I used a few for this. {Forgive the terrible hubby just got a digital SLR yesterday but we still need some lenses and need to learn how to use it. I hope my images will improve in quality in the near future.} In the mean time, you get to look at a yellow snowman. The buttons are actually a beautiful ivory color with a pearly sheen to them. I think one of them is a mother of pearl button. I'm not thrilled with how the little faux scarf turned out so I'll probably fix it later but for now, this is what she'll wear. I think this would also be really cute on some tea towels.

Elastic Bookmarks

As I was getting ready to go to bed last night, I noticed Nikki had updated her blog. I love her blog, Whimsy love! She had posted some adorable elastic bookmarks. You can see the tutorial here {and while you're there, check out some of her other tutorials, lots of cute stuff} I realized I had everything I needed to make them and couldn't go to sleep until I'd made some myself. :) So, I spent 15 minutes hunting down my various elastics before I remembered I'd gotten it all out to add some closures to my pocket calendars {go check the post back out, I updated it a week or so ago and I like them even more now} Once I found everything, I had 5 bookmarks made in just a matter of a few minutes. I would have made 50, but I need to get some more elastic. If you can use a ruler, a pair of scissors and know how to tie a knot, then you can make this project! Here's what I made {and again, forgive the poor pics}

I think these bookmarks would be adorable wrapped around a small gift instead of using a bow. Because they're elastic, they stay in more losing your spot in your book because your 20 month old pulled out your bookmark again!

Okay, I'm heading to Hobby Lobby for the third time this week! I need some more trim to make tassels. I'll show yall those soon.